Where can you find country based jobs?

Posted by heather on Fri 08 Feb 08 at 7:08pm

Have you thought about selling at a Farmers' Market? A lot of the people manning stalls are part timers working for small food producers. Some producers have stalls at five or more markets a week and it can be difficult finding the right people to help. On the other hand, if you're interested in selling quality, local food and meeting interesting, knowledgeable customers it can be hard to find the right producer.

Working at home in the country is increasingly attractive. However rural your surroundings, with a decent broadband connection the world can be your oyster. And popping out to feed the hens in a coffee break is a lot more invigorating than a Starbucks.

But looking for jobs in the country can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There might be opportunities on your doorstep that are being advertised nationally, or even internationally - and you might never come across them.

Visit a busy farm shop and it won't be long before you see someone arriving to sell products or services to the shop. And there'll probably be a constant stream of delivery people. The growth in farm shops has contributed to a growth in businesses servicing them. There are challenging jobs - getting new products into new markets; gentler jobs, maintaining customer relationships; jobs in the farmshops themselves, in tourism outlets, on farms, in b&bs etc. etc.

What's needed is an easy to use 'one stop shop' that suits businesses with vacancies to fill and those that would like to fill them.

Perhaps a Country Enterprise Farmers' Market notice board alongside a 'jobs and opportunities' section on the Country Enterprise website could help?

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