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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Keeping sheep
...Slaughter practicality
...Jacobs crosses
...Ram management
...- Feeding
>..- Castration & strike
...Summer & autumn

To castrate ram lambs and to dock the tails of lowland lambs, the most usual method is to use very tight heavyweight elastic bands.

These bands and the applicator come from agricultural suppliers. It is advisable to dock the tails of sheep that will feed on good pasture as it prevents the area around the tail from becoming clogged with droppings that are soft from the rich grazing. If this area is dirty, it attracts flies to lay their eggs. These hatch into maggots which start eating the sheep. This revolting occurrence is referred to as an attack of strike. If you ever see it you will spend a lot of your sheep-keeping life trying to avoid it. It is very unpleasant indeed.