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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Growing vegetables
...Timing your veg
...In heavy Soil
...In light Soil
...With Organic Manure
...Your enemies & friends
...After germination
...Presenting the product
...Specialist veg
...Sprouts to Endive
...Eggplant to Salsify
...Sea Kale etc

When producing crops for sale you must find the balance between over-effort and under-effort.

To produce single specimen parsnips is an enviable achievement unless you intend to make money selling them. Rather produce a larger quantity of good parsnips and leave out the 'stars'. All growing is like that if done to be commercial. Your product has to be excellent to sell but not so excellent that it becomes uneconomical to produce it. That is why it is worth getting a head start by having the ground well manured and buying good seeds. When the growing and harvesting season is under way you will need all the time available to keep up with gathering and packing without having to encourage undernourished plants or pamper 'prima donnas'.

Weeding becomes a pressing occupation during the growing season. After all the ideal growth area that you have prepared for your vegetables is also a paradise for weeds. Using weedkillers can today cut down a vast amount of labour. However, weedkillers are of necessity very powerful toxic substances. We use as few of these substances as we can, partly because we do not like putting chemicals near the food we intend to sell or eat and partly because we do not like having dangerous substances around. Anything of this nature should be kept in a locked cupboard.