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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Growing vegetables
...Timing your veg
...In heavy Soil
...In light Soil
...With Organic Manure
...Your enemies & friends
...After germination
...Presenting the product
...Specialist veg
>..Sprouts to Endive
...Eggplant to Salsify
...Sea Kale etc

To sell Brussels sprouts pull up the whole plant. Hung upside down in a shed, the sprouts stay fresh for a few weeks. This often encourages people to try fresh as opposed to frozen ones.

Red cabbage is delicious cooked or uncooked; it sells well in areas with a continental population.

Cardoons are appreciated on the continent but you will have to do some customer-education here with a recipe leaflet. They look rather like globe artichokes but it is not the spiky globes that you are after. Tie black polythene around the plant in mid-September to blanch the stems: this is the part you cook, using the same recipes you would use for celery.

Celeriac is now sold in many supermarkets. It is a celery-flavoured root and really at its best fresh.

Chicory is interesting to grow; you produce a root from seed, then you dig it up and force it in pots in the dark and up come those shiny nobs of chicory (some varieties produce a pink chicon).

Corn Salad looks like forget-me-nots. You can eat it in the winter when other salad stuff is in short supply and it makes an excellent salad mixed with thinly sliced red cabbage and a few nuts.

Courgettes are not really very special unless you grow yellow ones. If you live near an area with a continental population, grow a few big dandelions and blanch them; these are delicious in salads and much appreciated by healthy eaters because of their beneficial effect on the liver.

Endive is another salad vegetable not appreciated so much here as it is on the continent. It has a bitter flavour and we only like it when it is mixed with lettuce.