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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Growing vegetables
...Timing your veg
...In heavy Soil
...In light Soil
...With Organic Manure
...Your enemies & friends
...After germination
...Presenting the product
...Specialist veg
...Sprouts to Endive
...Eggplant to Salsify
...Sea Kale etc

When it comes to Summer and you are actually applying water to the vegetables, the essential point to remember is that when you water, do it enthusiastically.

Lightly watered plants scorch in the sun, rain-watered plants do not, so that when water has to be applied artificially it must be in rain quantities, not in watering- cans. Water storage tanks are often necessary. In old garden systems they were often incorporated as part of a basic design.

We have a greenhouse containing an enormous grapevine. It has its own tank that fills from the gutters and apparently from underwater drains. It has never gone dry and so there is always water on hand. Even a rain butt under a gutter collects a vast amount of rain in a downpour.

Water storage puts two extra responsibilities on you. The first is to make sure that the water is completely safe from a child's point of view. Even if you do not have children, other people do and little children can trot remarkable distances when unguarded. A water tank is a potential killer and must be fenced in or covered.

Your water storage can also be an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed and flourish. A drop of oil on the water surface cures that and in the summer it is well worth keeping an eye out for them. It is apparently only the females that bite but it is impossible for anyone but another mosquito to tell the difference, so do not bother with the niceties and kill the lot.