Ludlow Hamper Company Ltd

The Ludlow Hamper Company Ltd (location)
Bridge Farm, Buildwas Bank, Nr Ironbridge TF8 7BN
Tel: 01952 432175

Ludlow hampers

Ludlow is deservedly known as the UK capital of food and drink and we are proud to have sourced the finest products of our region to fill our beautiful hampers.

From local wine and cheese to delectable hand-made chocolate truffles and home-made Christmas Puddings we have ‘foodie’ gifts for every occasion and also offer a special corporate service.


The Ludlow Hamper Company

The Ludlow Hamper Company is run by the dynamic duo Simon and Beth Heath. The company was formed 3 years ago driven by a passion and knowledge for local food. Since then they have satisfied both corporate and individual customers by providing a unique service and product supporting small local producers.

Unlike many traditional ‘gourmet’ hampers, the food and drink sourced by the Ludlow Hamper Company is just that – locally sourced! From local often family run producers, where the quality of the products is guaranteed, the products are all the results of methods aimed at producing the very best, not necessarily the quickest or most profitable way!

“We buy locally, How lazy is that?” is the quirky strap line for the company, which sums up the approach to how simple and easy it is to source excellent products from your doorstep these days. For Beth Heath this is a natural progression from her job organising The Ludlow Food and Drink Festival and working in one of the counties best farm shops – the Farm Deli. Simon Heath is apparently learning fast after sampling all of the products that are sold he is particularly fond of the beer and cheese and specializes in putting together hampers for male customers which he believes is an very large growth area.

A wide range of hampers has been put together to suit every budget and palate, with  hampers ranging from £30 - £300 guaranteed to put you in your loved ones good books! The borders are becoming a real hothouse for small local producers “we have some of the best in the country- and we started the business as we realized people wanted to buy these wonderful products all year round, not just when they’re visiting the area or the food festival” Beth explains. “ this helps our local producers too, as it offers them another route through which to market, and one which although it has its seasonal trends, is fairly consistent throughout the year”. It’s a fair point, we mostly associate hampers with Christmas, but wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate and plain old ‘treat yourself’ hampers are available, all beautifully packaged in wicker baskets that are a gift in themselves. “They’re a great way of sending something special to a friend or relative”.
To find out more about the company or to simply ask more questions please contact;
Beth Heath – 07899 792369 or