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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Going for walks in other people's woods is delightful the trees are for climbing, admiring and possibly for carving your initials on. Going for walks in your own woods is rather different.

It is more than likely that instead of admiring nature's generous hand, you will spend your time realising that you should not be walking at all. Rather you should be putting your wood in order. To be productive, and often simply to be penetrable, woodland needs maintaining. Left to its own devices, a wood quickly becomes tangled with fallen trees and rampant undergrowth and is a haven for foxes. If your aim is to encourage foxes then that is fine if it is to grow trees then it is not.

In recent years many small parcels of woodland have fallen into a state of neglect. Woodland is often one of the first areas to feel a cutback in labour on large estates. Smaller landowners often tend to neglect woodland, possibly not appreciating that it is a potential income-producer. But if you are prepared to purchase a chainsaw and are able to wield it, remarkable feats can be performed in a short time. If you can enroll the help of family or friends, a veritable lumberjacking enterprise can be formed.